Envision Summit 2017

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When I stumbled onto the Envision Summit website a few months ago, I immediately had a sense that I needed to go. Maybe it was the speaker line-up, maybe it was the topics that would be discussed, or maybe it was even the location, but I knew that I had to be involved. Now I’m sitting in the airport on the journey back home, and my mind and heart are still being shaped and transformed by the experience of this week. I already know that as I continue to pray, journal, and talk about the summit experience, the things God has been doing in me over the last week will continue to lead me deeper into God’s presence and the fulfillment of my calling. For the first four days we started the mornings with worship and then worked through Soul Care with Dr. Rob Reimer. After each teaching time (where we focused on identity, sin & repentance, forgiveness, and our relationship with God as our Father), we would break into our small groups to spend time discussing, processing, and praying for each other. In the afternoons we focused on important topics facing the church, beginning with racial reconciliation, and then gender and sexuality. Both times we took the following afternoon for more processing and discussion time in our small groups and in the larger group. Then on Thursday evening we had more worship and Dr. John Stumbo, President of the American C&MA, spoke to us about Jesus being our shepherd … Read More