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Ecuador – Inca Link Team Trips

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Ecuador – Inca Link Team Trips

One country, three experiences

EXPERIENCE TYPE: Short-Term Trip - Taste & See


June 11-20
June 25-July 4
July 9-18
July 23- August 1
August 6-15


10 Days


4 (min) to 10 (max)


$1470 CAD

Short Description

Groups serving in Ecuador all fly in and out of Quito (UIO). If your team chooses to serve in Manta or Huaticocha, you will be taking a bus from Quito to your ministry site. Teams also have the option to fly to Manta or Coca (close to Huaticocha) from Quito, but that is not included in the price of the trip. If your team chooses to fly to your final destination, your trip will be discounted $50/person since the cost of flights will be more expensive.

Ministry Opportunities

In Ecuador there are many ministry opportunities in three main locations: Quito, Manta and Huaticocha. These sites give three very different experiences: urban, rural or extreme.

// Quito (Urban)
In Quito, your team will get a wide variety of ministry opportunities and a city experience. Some of the opportunities include serving indigenous churches in and around Quito, working at a home for special needs kids, serving an after school program for at-risk street kids, working with pregnant teens (Casa Elizabeth) and a sports ministry (Cumbre Alta) to name a few. On your tourist day you may also get to travel to the center of the earth!

// Manta/ Portoviejo (Rural)
Manta is a beautiful city on the coast of Ecuador, with Portoviejo just down the road. In Manta, your primary ministry will be helping launch a brand new ministry called Bonsai, which is an after-school program for children of at-risk families. In Portoviejo, your primary ministry will be serving Portoviejo 7.8, a garbage dump ministry named after the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude that rocked the Ecuadorian coast in 2016. In Portoviejo, your team will also likely have the chance to partner with a sports ministry that is active and thriving. While your team will be placed at either Manta or Portoviejo, we like teams to serve one day at the other location to see how God is working just down the road!

// Huaticocha (Extreme)
Huaticocha is our most “extreme” ministry site since it is in a remote location in the jungle. Teams going to Huaticocha will have the opportunity to see the recently built and opened missionary school called Ninawachi. They will work in construction projects to improve and maintain the school. Constructing and planting a large garden of local crops for Ninawachi will also be a focus. There may also be potential evangelism opportunities to localindigenous people who have never heard the gospel since Ninawachi is a launching point for outreach to surrounding towns and villages.

This is for a church or group

looking to engage and partner with International Workers on global missions:

About Inca Link

Inca Link helps facilitate teams to travel in different countries in Latin America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Honduras giving groups exposure and a better understanding to God's work there.

Link year, the 9-month program, travels from Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru giving interns and Linkers the ability to get exposed to a number of ministries.

Inca Link supports and encourages ministries that build up and equip the National Church to minister in it’s own context. That's why each location is partnered with local ministries where you will get experience in compassion ministries, youth workshops, recovery programs, urban church planting, a missionary-training institute in the jungle, day-care centres, sport ministries, and many others.

You'll get to experience three different countries which has its own unique and rich culture. Colombia, Ecuador and Peru all boast of diverse cultures from its various ethnicities and history. 

Meet your Hosts

Get to know the team on the ground


Inca Link Founders & IW's in the Sun Region

Born and raised as missionary kids, Rich and Elisa Brown found each other in high school at the Alliance Academy in Ecuador. Then they went to Toccoa Falls College and started dating. Rich studied and graduated with a degree in Missiology and Elisa with Interpersonal Communications. The two were married on June 23, 1990. One year later, the couple moved to Raleigh, North Carolina to serve as youth pastor and wife at North Ridge Church. In the four years spent there, Rich completed the ordination process and graduated with a Master’s degree in Bible and Theology from Wheaton Graduate School. 

They soon found themselves in Costa Rica and then moved to Peru in 1995. After 10 years of ministry in Peru, Rich and Elisa witnessed the growth of the Alliance youth from 30 in one church to over 1000 in three churches. In 2005, they began their ministry in Ecuador beginning a network of youth leaders in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. Rich and Elisa have four children: Olivia, Michaela, Josiah, and Alexa. All of their children are intimately connected to the Brown’s ministry, especially with Short-Term teams as translators, Corban and helping in the orphanages and garbage dump ministries.

Before you head off

We think having as much information before you go overseas ensures a quality experience for everyone. It's our hope that you'll get a chance to see how God is at work and learn well with our hosts and their partners.

So here's two additional resources for you! >


Info Packet

Download a PDF version of the handbook which you'll find information on what to prepare, bring and expect during your trip.

Welcome Video

Here's a short video to guide you in the process. Watch at home or as a group, you decide!

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