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Envision Ecuador is led by Rich & Elisa Brown, under the umbrella organization of IncaLink. Started in 2005, IncaLink began in Peru as a growing network of youth leaders in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. The plan: To connect youth groups in North America with youth groups in South America through Short Term Missions. They are called to reach the 300 million youth in Latin America with Christ’s irresistible love. Rich and Elisa have four children: Olivia, Michaela, Josiah, and Alexa. Born and raised as missionary kids, Rich and Elisa Brown found each other in high school at the Alliance Academy in Ecuador. The two were married on June 23, 1990.

About the Site

Ecuador offers three different types of working environments: Urban, Rural, and Extreme. Each option partners with an Alliance church to help fulfill a need or complete a project goal with the hope of establishing a platform to share the Gospel.  When a community witnesses a group sacrificing their time and energy to serve them, conversations are had, relationships are built, hearts are opened, and lives are transformed forever.
Ecuador, located in the mid-western part of South America and bordered by Colombia and Peru, is rich in tradition and diverse cultures.  Most of the Ecuadorian people are Mestizo, a combination of European (Spaniards) and indigenous Quichua Indians.  Their complex history is deeply ingrained in Ecuadorian philosophy, from family structure to religion, with Catholicism as the dominant religion.

Link Year

Inca Link also offers a 9-month Link Year experience that allows you the opportunity to explore and meaningfully serve in 3 countries (Ecuador, Peru, Colombia). Through Link Year, we believe you will learn about how God has wired you and where He may be calling you next!

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Trip Cost: $1,285 CAD/person for a 10-day trip

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