Who is Envision?

Envision Canada is a resource within the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada that serves as an on-ramp for people to engage in God’s mission. We design intentional and missional opportunities that focus on gospel influence among least-reached peoples.

Envision Canada is the Christian & Missionary Alliance’s response to exploring solutions that impact its long term sustainability. We do this by providing forward-thinking believers with new opportunities to engage in mission and culture in a rapidly changing world.

Where is Envision?

While headquartered at the National Ministry Center in Toronto ON, Envision Canada currently has 1 Domestic and 12 International Sites. Feel free to prayerfully read and research each one, asking God where your skills, interests and timing might fit best.

Envision Canada also has the capability of sending you almost anywhere C&MA workers are located.
If you have a strong desire to go somewhere we don’t have a site, just let us know!

What is an Envision Site like?

No matter how short or long someone is at an Envision Site, we desire for them to experience these 4 keys elements:

1. Real ministry: Participation in strategic kingdom changing work, not meaningless tasks
2. Discipleship: Personal investment and mentoring by Site Coordinators and the leadership team
3. Hospitality: Warmly welcomed and well taken care of in a wide variety of ways
4. Partnership: Meaningful interactions with long-term workers, locals and the national church


Who can go on an Envision trip?

Envision trips are designed for everyone – from high schoolers to older professionals. We love taking teams of all ages! You are required to be at least 19 years of age to travel overseas independently. Minors must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian).

What’s the first step in planning a trip?

The first thing you should do is speak to your Church leaders or Board of Elders to receive confirmation of their support. Then, go to the Sites page to pick the location of your choice. Fill out a team interest form and request your desired dates. Once your dates are cleared with the Site Coordinator, a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your dates. Once the deposit has been made, advertise your decision and build your team!

When you have recruited your team, register your full group online no later than 6 months before your trip.

How much are trips?

The cost of the trip varies from place to place. There are three costs for each trip: First, the non-refundable deposit paid directly to Envision Canada. Your deposit will secure your trip dates. Second are the costs associated with the trip that varies per site. This is the cost that covers your room, board, on-ground transportation (most locations), and ministry experience at each location. The third expense is your cost to travel to the location. You are responsible to purchase your own airline tickets or cover travel costs to get to the site.

If you are taking an international trip, you may also have visa costs, passport costs, and departure/airport taxes to pay as well. To learn about visa requirements for your destination, please refer to the Travel Advice and Advisories website.

When should I start planning a trip?

Planning a trip takes longer than you think. We encourage you to contact Envision Canada 9-12 months before your desired departure date. This will give adequate time for you to raise funds, go through training and team orientation, apply for passports or visas, turn in paperwork, and get all needed immunizations.
Starting the dialogue one year before the desired departure date is even better.

What is the adult/student ratio on a trip?

Generally speaking, we like to have a minimum 5:1 ratio of the same gender student to adult.

What shots do I need?

The best place to find information on immunizations is on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. This website will give you a precise health outlook on the country/region you are traveling to.

What happens when I land? Where do I go?

When your group arrives at your destination you will first need to go through immigration/customs. You will be given a form on the airplane which each member of your group must fill out. You will then follow through the immigration lines. Once you make it through customs your host or someone from the Envision site will be waiting for you. They will transport you to your housing accommodations. (Some sites may have a different process after landing, which they will communicate to you, if applicable.)

When should we apply for passports?

Immediately. Do not delay and risk someone missing out on the trip entirely. Our advice is as soon as you know someone is definitely going and they don’t have a passport, have them apply for one immediately.
To start the application process, go here.


How long can I serve as an intern/apprentice?

Internships can last up to 12 months. Typically, many sites have set summer internships for up to 4 months between May and August. This is the most common time frame. Or we can send out interns in the fall or spring for a “mid-term” length of time, like a semester, 6 months, or a year… we’re pretty flexible!

We also have a 2-year Apprenticeship track for those interested in exploring longer cross-cultural service and investing significant time on a field. No matter the total length of an internship, we generally “launch” our interns in May, September, and January.

Will I be alone or with a team?

That can depend on the site and the time of year. If you are going in the summer, chances are you will be with a few other teams or interns. You will definitely be with the Site Coordinators, possibly even some apprentices while there.

What ages usually participate?

You must be 18 or older to do an Envision Canada Internship or Apprenticeship. Ages range from 18-30 years, but we are seeing a new wave of interest among those in their career or even retirement years, and we’re more than thrilled to find a great location where anyone can serve and use their vocational skills.

How much does it cost?

Internships are not paid, and the prices listed on the Site pages are your expected field costs per MONTH. This monthly amount DOES include housing, food, ministry expenses, and transportation on the field. It DOES NOT include your passport, vaccinations, and plane tickets. However, you can include those into your support raising cost.

Apprentices are partially-funded through the Global Advance Fund (GAF) and require approval for licensing and pre-appointment before support funds can be raised.

How do I pay for an internship?

We encourage our interns to raise support from family, friends, and their local church in order to pay for their internship. Not only is this a huge gift to you, but it gives you the chance to partner with the body of Christ, and bring others in on your ministry. If you have never raised support, don’t worry! We will provide resources and help coach you through it.

We also urge our interns to invest in their own ministry by contributing from personal savings or working in creative ways to cover some of their internship costs. A deposit will be required upon acceptance to the intern program.

Do I need to speak the language?

It is not necessary to speak the language of the country where you are going. But we do highly recommend that you try to learn some of the language before you go. And when you are there, your new local friends absolutely love it when you make an effort to learn and use as much as you can.

What are the living arrangements?

This totally depends on the site. Most sites have housing in either a guest house or small apartment. You will most likely be grouped with other interns/apprentices, but guys and girls will be separated.

Can my boyfriend/ girlfriend and I go together?

What could be better for a relationship than a short amount of long distance? We hope you agree because we only send couples together if they have been married for a year or more.