SPRING Season: Jan 29 - may 1, 2022

*featuring 1-1 mentoring and group mentoring*

Registration opens June 1, 2021


    About Greenhouse

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    The purpose of The Envision Greenhouse is to provide diverse young leaders in the Alliance in Canada with meaningful mentoring relationships and creative environments to foster growth and collaboration that goes beyond the local context.

    We believe that as mentees and mentors, we can benefit in learning from one another's backgrounds, ministry or career vocations, skills, and spiritual journeys for the sake of community and leadership development as part of the Kingdom of God. 

    What Happens at Greenhouse


    "One-on-One" Mentoring

    You get matched with a mentor that meets with you regularly for invidualized support in life, ministry and vocation.

    Group Mentoring

    You are placed in a group to journey through peer-mentorship with other young leaders.

    All-Mentee Gatherings
    (coming Sept 2022)

    You get access to our online sessions that focuses on relevant teaching and practical excercises.

    is this you?

    How do you get involved?

    We try to make it easy by breaking it down into four steps

    Complete an application form so we can get to know you a bit more and your preferences.

    You will be asked some info about your background, how you are discerning your calling, and your experience in mentorship.

    Upon your application, we ask if we can get in touch with your pastor or a mentor from your local church.

    This helps all of us to be united in prayer and support for you, especially in getting your local community to support and champion you.

    As a team, we discern and find a match for your 1-1 mentoring and place you in a group based on your preferences, skills, and expertise.

    Your 1-1 mentor will reach out to schedule your first meet up. After that, it's up to you to schedule your mentoring sessions.

    Then it's about showing up to all-mentee gatherings and your group meetings!


    for one season
    A season spans for 3 months and covers all assessments, coaching sessions, resource material and software licenses.

    Your Mentee Experience in Greenhouse :

    1-1 Mentoring

    Based on your needs, life stage, and vocation/ministry, we pair you with a mentor for one on one mentoring where you can meet online weekly or bi-weekly.

    Group mentoring

    You'll get to collaborate on a project through a process that goes from idea to a product-fit proposal stage. The purpose is to learn to work together while growing together spiritually.

    All-mentee gathering

    These are our online gatherings where you'll experience teaching, growth, prayer, and community.

    We launched a test pilot in Spring 2021

    and this happened..



    From all six Canadian Alliance districts and from 17 churches


    Representation across this cohort


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    is this you?

    Help Needed:
    Looking to be a Mentor?

    All our mentors are connected to the Alliance in Canada.

    1-1 Mentoring

    You can choose to journey and pour into an emerging leader by meeting with a mentee weekly or bi-weekly.

    Group mentoring

    Connect with other young leaders for support, debrief, and cross-pollination.

    All-mentee gathering (coming Sept 2022)

    We love inviting people to come speak and share about particular areas including Biblical Foundation, Self-Awareness, Cultural Agility, Spiritual Awakening and Global Leadership.

    Meet the Mentors of Spring 2021

    Thank you again for your time and leadership!

    Stu Barton

    Young Adults Pastor
    Beulah Alliance Church

    Anders Bygden

    Director of Development
    Alliance in Canada

    John Cook

    Member Care
    Global Ministries

    Mardi Dolfo-Smith

    Discipleship Pastor
    North Shore Alliance Church

    Ruth-Anne Gilbertson

    Spiritual Director
    Western Canadian District

    Ryan Graham

    VP of Nurture
    Alliance in Canada

    Cyril Guerette

    Pastor, Prof, Rapper
    Groundswell Church

    Lorilee Jespersen

    Saint Lawrence District

    Steve Kerr

    Lead Pastor
    Gateway Church Caledonia

    Frances Kim

    Envision Canada

    Kathy Klassen

    Director - Relational & Spiritual Vitality
    Eastern Canadian District

    Abigail Langlois

    Logistics Coordinator
    Envision Canada

    Regan Neudorf

    New Ventures Canada

    Joze Reverente

    International Worker
    Global Ministries

    Irene Quach Soquier

    PhD Student - Early Judaism
    McMaster University

    Ruth Shareski

    International Worker at-large
    Canadian Pacific District

    Jennifer Singh

    Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies
    Ambrose University

    Ben Soquier

    Creative & Strategic Devlpt
    Envision Canada

    Godwin Tsang

    Pastor & Leadership Coach

    Nancy Wing

    Executive Manager
    Central Canadian District

    What's the process to be a Greenhouse Mentor?

    We try to make it easy by breaking it down into four steps

    Feel free to apply directly with us, or through your district (when applies)!

    You will be asked some info about your background, your experience in mentorship, and your preferred role as a mentor (1-1 mentor, group mentor, or speaker).

    We notify (and partner with) your district that you'd like to get involved as a Greenhouse Mentor.

    Our offices ensure the vetting process refers to any possible existing licensing and ordination you have undergone.

    As a team, we discern and find a match for your 1-1 mentoring or develop a project with you.

    As a 1-1 mentor, you will reach out to schedule your first meet up with your mentee.

    As a group mentor, we will schedule a time for your first group meeting where you will meet your designated team.

    As a all-mentee gathering speaker, we'll support you for your teaching and material.

    All-Mentee Gatherings

    This is what happened in Spring 2021

    Session 1: Feb 20th, 2021

    The Big Story of Scripture: Unpacking the Metanarratives of the Bible
    By Ben Soquier

    How can we approach the Bible as a whole from Creation, Fall, Redemption, to Consummation?

    Session 2: Mar 27th, 2021

    Pulling the Eternal Principles of Scripture (Redemptive Movement)
    By Rev. Steve Kerr

    How do you look at a specific passage and draw the eternal principles from the text?

    Session 3: Mar 27th, 2021

    Cultivating a Postcolonial Posture

    By Dr. Jennifer Singh

    Does the Bible speak about and give voice to the marginalized?

    Session 4: May 8th, 2021

    Reading Scripture Cross-culturally with Worldview in Mind
    By Rev. Joze Reverente

    How does Scripture speak to different culture and affect our own reading?

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