Join a short Term Trip

Join a short Term Trip

We do short-term trips differently.

God is at work around the world and in our neighborhoods, and we want to join Him on mission! We like to combine our know-how, resources, and experience with your passion, manpower, and vision. 

We’re in this together.

We believe that you and your team will have the opportunity to contribute to the Kingdom on your trip - and that the experience will be a formative one for you. You’ll get to partner with, and learn from local leaders and long-term workers who are invested, building relationships, and leading impactful ministries on the ground.

Who should go on a short-term trip?

Trips are meant for teams of people interested in building long-term partnership with local ministries through a 10-12 day trip. Whether you're an Alliance ministry, church team, or small group interested in serving, we'd love to help you get connected to what God is doing globally.

How soon do we have to prep for this?

It is most beneficial for everyone to start planning a trip at least eight months to a year in advance. So if you're still wondering if this is right for you, we'd love to chat some more and give you more details by filling out an interest form below:

What's the process like?

We like making things easy so that you can focus on your team

Already taking a trip?

Here's some of the resources you might need. If you need an application or form for your trip, please contact your team leader.

Got a question?

Feel free to reach out, we'd love to hear from you: